Frequently Asked Questions



Can you listen in to my device at any time?

No. We will only listen into the device if a red alert or man down alert has been activated.

How do I report a faulty device?

Either call 0333 772 9402 or email

How do I return a faulty device?

In the first instance please contact First2HelpYou as we may be able to solve your issue over the phone. If the issue hasn’t been resolved, please return to: Device Repairs, First2HelpYou Ltd, Adelaide House, Vivars Way, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8BE

Is my profile information secure?

Yes, we adhere to the Data Protection Act and all data is held within ISO27001 accredited data centers.

How do I send or update my profile information?

Either complete the relevant profile form and email to or a nominated contact within your business will be able to add this information to First2HelpYou connect.

First2HelpYou App

Can I use a PAYG sim card in the First2HelpYou app?

Pay as You Go (PAYG) sim cards should not be used due to the increased risk of failure to connect with the Alarm Receiving Centre if the user is low on credit.

How much data does the First2HelpYou app use monthly?

The app is very economical, using only 40-60 MB per month.

Why do you need access to the location of the phone for the First2HelpYou app?

These locations are passed through to the emergency services or escalation contacts if the application enters red alert or man down mode (Android only).

The First2HelpYou application won’t allow me to register

Recheck your mobile phone and code. If this is correct, please call 0333 772 9402

How do I register for the First2HelpYou app?

Complete a profile form. Once this has been added, register through the application:

  1. Enter your mobile phone
  2. The application will send a code via SMS
  3. Enter this code
  4. The application will need access to certain features on your phone.When prompted, select “allow”.

How do I download the application?

Follow the links below and download like you would any other app. Please check with your IT department before downloading the application.

KIT Device

How do I turn on the KIT Device?

Press and hold the amber alert button on the device (when its turned off), the device will vibrate, and the LED’s will flash. Alternatively, the KIT Device will turn on automatically when placed on charge.

How do I know if my KIT Device is turned on?

The LED lights will flash green and blue.

How do I turn off the KIT Device?

Press and hold the amber alert and red alert (SOS) button together, the device will vibrate, and the LEDs will turn off.

How do I charge the KIT Device?

Place the KIT Device into the cradle provided. Once inserted the unit will click into place and vibrate. Alternatively insert a micro SD charger into the side of the device by lifting the rubber cover, located below the amber alert button.

How long does it take the KIT Device to charge?

From 0 – 100% charge it takes approximately 2.5 hours

How long will my KIT Device’s battery last?

The KIT Device’s battery should last at least 12 hours with normal use.

How can I tell if my KIT Device has signal?

The signal light flashes green.

How do I minimise red alerts from my KIT Device?

  1. Wear the device on a belt clip or in the ID card holder. Try to avoid placing the device in your pocket or hand bag to reduce the chance of the red alert button being pressed by accident.
  2. If the device enters man down accidentally you have 20 seconds to press the red alert button (SOS) to cancel the activation.
  3. When in amber alert, you will receive an automated call from First2HelpYou 5 minutes before your amber alert is about to timeout. If you are OK, please cancel the amber alert.

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