Christmas Safety Tips for Lone Workers

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Christmas Safety Tips for Lone Workers

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Christmas isn’t all joy and festivities, although we would like it to be, the festive season has an increased risk of crimes being committed and most of us still have to go to work. lone working has risks all year round but some of those risks are increased at Christmas time. What can you do to protect your employees and yourself over the Christmas break? Read on for our top tips.

Why Does The Crime Risk Increase at Christmas?

Christmas is a holiday that may be fraught with emotion for many people. People may be overexcited or feel sad, add in the consumption of alcohol and you have a situation that is liable to blow up. This is important to remember if you have a job working with members of the public.

In retail, you will have angry customers to contend with and care workers may have to work with people who have alcohol or drug problems, which can become worse at Christmas.

One of the other most common risks at Christmas is robbery and pickpocketing. Thieves take advantage of Christmas, knowing that people may have new, high-value goods in their shopping bags, cars or homes.

Criminals may also use the festive period to take advantage of business properties because they know that there will be a reduced amount of staff, or perhaps even just a security guard.

Stay Safe When Working Alone at Christmas – Tips

It isn’t all bad news – there are some simple things you can do to ensure that you stay safe and sound this Christmas, even when working alone:

  1. Try to avoid areas where people may be drinking when you are on your way to work, going home and travelling around for your job.
  2. If you work in an environment where people are drinking, if you are verbally attacked, stay calm and don’t argue back. Don’t try to reason with drunk people.
  3. If you are operating with a skeleton staff at work, park your car as close to the building as possible and turn on all of the lights in the building; a single light can indicate that you are alone.
  4. Use a lone worker device for additional protection, a device would give you a quick way to call for assistance should you need it.
  5. If you are transporting high-value goods, only exit your vehicle when you need to and keep your doors locked when you are parked up.
  6. If you do become the victim of a mugging or someone who wants to take goods, hand them over without resistance. Nothing has more value than your safety and handing items over is the fastest way to get rid of a criminal.
  7. If you work alone in a store, ensure that management has put procedures in place for your safety, such as protection screens or providing lone worker devices.
  8. As always, rely on your instinct when you feel something is wrong or a person feels ‘off’.
  9. If you don’t have a lone worker solution in place, it is important to tell your employer where you will be working and keep a schedule.

Lone Worker Solutions

If you already have a lone worker system in place, then there are still a few things you will need to remember over the Christmas holidays.

  • Ensure that your escalation process is reviewed for the Christmas holidays. If you have staff on leave, then escalation contacts may not be available in case of an emergency. Sort out who is taking leave and who will be on standby as an escalation contact.
  • If you have a lone worker device, ensure that it is charged up and turned on whilst you are working. It can feel tempting to not follow the normal rules during the Christmas holidays, but it is extra important that you keep your lone worker protection procedures in place due to the increased risk of crime.

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