Lone Working at Christmas – Infographic

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Lone Working at Christmas – Infographic

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If you are working alone this Christmas have a look below at our handy infographic for five top tips.

Working Alone at Christmas – Top Five Tips

an infographic which displays five tips for those working alone this christmas


Lone Worker Devices

If you already use a lone worker device it is important that you continue to use it over the holidays. Also:

  • Make sure that your escalation process is updated for the holidays. If staff are on leave, escalation contacts may not be available in case of an emergency. Sort out who is taking leave and who will be on standby as an escalation contact.
  • If you have a lone worker device, ensure that it is charged up and turned on whilst you are working. It can feel tempting to not follow the normal rules during the Christmas holidays, but it is extra important that you keep your lone worker protection procedures in place due to the increased risk of crime.

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One of our team would be happy to talk you through all the fantastic features that make our lone worker devices the best option to protect your lone workers this Christmas.


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