Staying Safe When Lone Working in Logistics-Top 5 Tips

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Staying Safe When Lone Working in Logistics-Top 5 Tips

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Logistics is a bit of a broad term, but generally includes haulage and distribution, warehousing and delivery services. Each has a lot of risks in common, with a couple of individual ones that are more specific. Staying safe when lone working in logistics can be tricky due to heavy machinery and change of workplace but there are plenty of ways to help reduce the risk and stay safe.

Let’s have a look at some of the hazards and the top 5 ways to reduce or manage them.


What Are The Hazards of Lone Working in Logistics?


We can’t list every single hazard but below we explain some of the most common causes of accidents in the logistics industry, below that you will find tips on keeping safe.

The most common types of hazard are:

Falls from vehicles

Shockingly common, many of the vehicles used in the logistics industry are large and require specialist training so its not surprising that accidents do sometimes happen.

Load security

Securing loads is a dangerous job and heavy loads can pose a risk if they haven’t been secured properly.

Slips & trips

As in any workplace, trips and falls are very common. This risk may be higher in areas where there is a chance of vehicle fuel spillages or leaks.

Hit by moving vehicle

Many warehouses and distribution sites will have moving vehicles on site, including lorries. It is essential that traffic and pedestrian areas are carefully managed around sites.

Manual handling

Many roles in logistics, delivery especially will involve manual handling of goods. One of the most common causes of workplace injuries.

Working at height

Some warehouses or distribution centres will have tall racks which need to be accessed by workers, this presents a risk of falling from a height.


Less common, but still worth mentioning is the risk of robbery. This is specific to delivery drivers and lorry drivers. Load high jacking is uncommon but it pays to be vigilant.

Top 4 Tips For Staying Safe in Logistics


  1. Training, training, training!


The logistics industry is full of vehicles, moving machinery and hazards. The best way to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place is to ensure you are properly trained in all areas of your job. Poor or no training is the leading cause of workplace accidents. Sometimes, specialist training is available, for areas such as working at height.


  1. Awareness


Logistics is an industry where you need to be vigilant and alert to carry out your job safely. Always be aware of what is happening around you – look out for moving vehicles in particular. Take regular breaks to ensure you are alert and fit for work.


  1. Lone worker devices


Even when you aren’t working alone, a lone worker device such as our KIT device will help get you the help you need, quickly, should you have an accident. Devices like ours are fitted with sensors which also detect falls, so even if you are too injured to raise an alarm, the device will do it for you!


  1. Risk assessments


A risk assessment should be carried out for every task you perform. This will help identify any tasks which are deemed too dangerous to do alone or help establish that lone worker protection is needed.


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