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The First Name in Lone Worker Safety

Everyone deserves to be safe at work. It is a right enshrined in law, and one that employers have an obligation to protect.

We are the UK’s premier service driven lone worker solution provider.

Working alone carries its own risks and can leave individuals vulnerable to their customers, the public, their environments, and their tasks. Even health issues can pose more of a risk if someone is alone; imagine falling down and being unable to raise the alarm!

People have to work unsupervised, or out in the field, but they don’t have to be vulnerable when they are doing it.

First2HelpYou provide bespoke lone worker devices and solutions to help you protect your staff, and we do it with the best service in the industry. Have a look at our service page to find out how we can make your life easier and your colleagues safer.

The safety of your staff matters. First2HelpYou helps to keep them safe when they are lone working, leaving them to get on with their job without fear of assault, injury, or illness.

Its good for them, its good for you, its good for business.


Why do I need a lone worker solution?

Recent statistics show there is a growing number of lone workers attacked every day.
If the worst should happen, and you hadn’t taken measures to protect your workers, you are liable to be prosecuted. Not only that, but failure to protect your staff can lead to injury, higher levels of absence, low morale, and a higher turnover of staff.
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How do we do it?

First2HelpYou have handcrafted our own lone worker devices and apps, overseeing every part of their creation. Our service and most of our devices are BS8484: 2016 accredited, and having our own alarm receiving centre means our experience touches every facet of what we do.  Our fully managed service means you don’t have to worry about your staff not being protected any more.
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Why us?

Each member of the First2HelpYou team has around ten years’ experience in the lone worker industry and has worked with the whole spectrum of individuals and businesses. Between us, we have worked with (almost) every lone worker device and solution on the market, so we know what works and what doesn’t.
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Why Have a Lone Worker Safety System?

Protecting your lone workers makes sense. Often, home-spun processes take up a lot of time and are ineffective. The right lone worker solution, used effectively, can ensure staff facing hazards from their service users, tasks, environment, or health receive the help they need, when they need it.

An effective lone worker device saves lives by getting the emergency services to an employee faster than a 999 call.

Who Are First2HelpYou?

Established in 2017, First2HelpYou supply premium lone working products, and a premium service that puts simply, and effectively, protecting your remote workers at the centre of what we do.

We understand that being able to get on with your job is important, which is why we offer a fully managed, end to end service. Let us do the hard work for you.

Our combined and extensive experience means we can offer a solution that is:

  • Fully managed
  • BS8484:2016 accredited
  • Simple, safe, and effective
  • Reliable
  • Monitored round the clock, 365 days a year

Why Choose First2HelpYou?

The First2HelpYou team have been protecting lone workers for over 10 years and have honed our skills in our own fields, such as creating a perfect package, smoothly rolling out your devices, and monitoring your lone workers. (Have a look at the ‘Meet the Team’ page to find out more about us.)

In 2017, we decided to combine our experience and culture to create a lone worker provider that puts people, not profits, at the heart of what we do.

We believe that you should receive the service you are paying for, so we won’t make you administer your own devices.

We believe that one product does not suit all lone workers, so we have handcrafted a selection of devices and phone applications for you to choose from. And if something doesn’t quite fit you, we will work with you to tailor it.

And we believe that proper training and a robust lone worker safety policy help you achieve the best return on your investment, so we will work with you to ensure you receive an implementation plan that suits your needs and company. We won’t just send you a box of devices and user guides, unless, of course, that is what you want!

A lone worker solution will not make the hazards disappear, but they do mitigate the consequences, should the worst happen.

A robust lone worker policy and solution can ensure a person gets a speedy response in their time of need, whether from an internal colleague, or the emergency services.