Going live

Getting everything right in the beginning will set you and your lone workers off to a great start and make the process of device roll out much easier. 

1. Gathering data

Before your lone workers receive their devices or apps, we want to make sure that they are set up correctly for each employee. We will help you find the easiest way to gather employee data.

We also collect escalation contact information beforehand to ensure that devices can be used in an emergency straight away.

2. Device configuration

Each device can be configured and easily adjusted to suit individual requirements. For instance, Amber Alerts can be lengthened, shortened or removed altogether. Features such as Man Down can also be altered. We will work closely with you to establish which settings are best for your team so that when your devices are delivered, they’re ready to go.

3. Device roll out and training

We can work closely with you to put together a plan that involves training each user. Training is an important part of device roll out. Training is available in the following formats:

  • Individual online competency based
  • Webinar
  • Face-to-face
  • Train the trainer

We can discuss and agree on the right training method for your organisation.

4. Monitor usage

All of our clients will have access to our management portal so that they’re able to monitor usage. It’s easier to solve any non-usage problems in the first few weeks so that problems or concerns can be nipped in the bud.

Throughout the duration of your contract, the First2HelpYou team are also proactive in encouraging device usage from your employees.

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