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We have extensive experience in helping managers and directors scope, roll out, and manage a lone worker safety solution. For us, it comes down to much more than just selling you a device. It is understanding the unique risks faced by your staff, whether they are caused by the service users, the public, specific tasks, or the environment.

We will work with you to design a bespoke lone worker safety solution that is as individual as your business.

Our professional staff are some of the most experienced in the market, and have worked with several hundred customers throughout their career.

Not only that, but we are passionate about helping to keep lone workers safe. This means we work tirelessly to ensure your solution is appropriate, in full working order, and rolled out simply.

We are sure that our hand crafted lone worker devices and apps will please most, but we know from experience that sometimes a little something extra is required. That is why we are always happy to talk about creating you your very own solution or product, or tweaking an existing one. You can even bring your own product to us and we will fit it into our systems.

Our monitoring is carried out 365 days a year, 24 hour per day by our fully compliant NSI Gold certified alarm receiving centre.

Get in touch to start protecting your lone workers with a bespoke solution.

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