Low cost, easy to use

The simple to use mobile or landline solution lets users record details of their lone working task along with an end time. The solution is compatible with any mobile or landline (as long as caller ID is presented).

This solution would suit employees who do not face high levels of risk in their everyday working tasks.

Whilst the simplicity of this product is one of its key features, it is not BS8484 compliant.

Device Features

Red Alert

Activate by simply holding down the dedicated key (typically number 5) for a few seconds. This triggers a call to our alarm receiving centre.

Amber Alert

By pressing dedicated key (typically number 2) the user can leave a detailed message relating to their specific task and location.

Two-way audio

The two way audio allows our alarm receiving centre operators to talk to and reassure the user when the alert has been activated (if safe to do so).

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