Why choose the ID badge?

The First2HelpYou ID Badge is BS8484 approved and incorporates the latest GPS, GPRS and Man Down technologies. Featuring Amber Alert with a timer along with the Red Alert function, this is the perfect, easy to use solution for any lone worker.

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Easy to use

The ID Badge features an easy to locate SOS button. The size and position of the button allows the user to discreetly trigger an activation.


The ID Badge is supplied with an accessory pack featuring a lanyard as standard with belt clips on request, allowing the lone worker to easily switch between accessories.


Weighing just 80g, the ID Badge is lightweight and easy to use. The ID format of the device lets users feel protected, whilst remaining discreet.

Device Features

Red Alert

Activated by simply holding down the “SOS” button for a few seconds. The button is easy to find and activate.

Amber Alert

Users are able to leave a detailed message relating to their task which can start a timed event.

Man Down

Automatically sends an alert to our operators if sudden movement, followed by a period of inactivity is detected.


The device uses the very latest GPS chipset, which provides a high degree of location accuracy of up to 10 meters.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio allows our operators to talk to and reassure the user (if safe to do so) when an alert has been activated.

Locate me

Lone workers can record their position by pressing a dedicated button. The device will also send regular GPS positioning.


The device will vibrate discreetly, to indicate when a Red Alert is initiated, and again once connected to an operator.

Battery life

High capacity rechargeable battery with up to 30 hours of use. Full battery recharge is achieved in approx. 2.5 hours.


Coloured LED’s show the user at a glance exactly what the ID Badge is doing, including GPS, signal and battery status.

Roaming SIM card

This will pick up the strongest network signal in a given area across all major networks, both inside and outside of buildings, where possible.

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