About Us

First2HelpYou are delivering high quality lone worker safety devices with the highest level of service available on the market.

We like to keep things simple for you and understand that lone worker fobs and gadgets can be difficult to use, especially if your staff are under threat or are stressed.

Our knowledge of the market and products out there drove us to create our own devices. We didn’t want to be providing the same lone worker devices as everyone else, when nothing out there felt quite right. We are really proud of our products. They are simple and do the job.

Our Lone Worker Devices Are:

BS8484: 2016 compliant

GPS enabled


Monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Suitable for all

Image of a vulnerable lone worker representing First2HelpYou, a lone worker safety device company

Connect with your Lone Workers


We also love to boast about Connect, our management portal. With Connect, you can quickly and effectively manage your estate of lone worker safety products, track the button presses of your staff in real time, and review alerts.

Being able to see where your staff are on a map help you to protect them further. With Connect, you can see if they are in an area you know to be high risk, and if they have activated their device.

If your staff members change their mobile number, work locations, or team, Connect lets you simply and quickly update these details, so our Alarm Receiving Centre has the most up to date information available should an alarm be set off. That way, we know we are getting in touch with the right person!

Plus, every company has staff turnover. Connect lets you easily swap users over, meaning your new staff are protected from day one.

Real time reporting alerts you if there has been a red alert or man down with one of your staff. You can also see the actions being taken by the Alarm Receiving Centre, and the ultimate outcome.

You can also look back over past alerts to build up a clear picture of how often your staff are using their lone worker device.

It couldn’t be simpler.

A Fully Managed Lone Worker Service


Not only are our devices and portal amazing, but you can also relax knowing we will do all the hard work for you. Rolling out lone worker policies, devices and training to staff can be time consuming and complicated. We understand that you have your own job to concentrate on, and just want a solution that is done for you.

That’s why we spend the time at the beginning putting together a plan for your rollout and make it as simple as possible.

We can even help you craft an effective lone worker safety policy to ensure maximum take up, and protect your return on investment. A lone worker policy means your approach to the safety of your staff is enshrined in the company’s culture.

We can supply any number of lone worker devices, so even the lonest of lone workers can be safe.

Have a look at our ‘Service’ page here for more information.

Our lone worker safety devices are simple to use for even the most technophobic of people. Our service is fully managed, so we do the hard work for you.

We are friendly, experienced staff with a passion for lone worker safety.

If we don’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing.