The alert options available from your lone worker device

First2HelpYou ID Badge lone worker device

What is a lone worker device? 

A lone worker device is a discreet gadget, app, or service designed to keep employees safe while they work alone. The device has a range of different alert options that employees can use to signal for help in an emergency. Not everyone is familiar with the different types of alerts and what they involve, so let’s discuss them in more detail.

Amber Alert 

Firstly, we have the Amber Alert. The Amber Alert Is a check-in/check-out function. When you check in the device can start a timer which can be set to suit the specific job role. The timer can be easily adjusted via the First2HelpYou Connect Portal and will be live for the following amber alert that is set.

The employee should record a detailed message which includes information about their whereabouts and the task they’re about to undertake. If their Amber Alert times out, an operator from our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will attempt to get in touch with the employee to check that they’re ok. If we cannot reach them, we will take the next steps to confirm their safety. This involves getting in touch with the employee’s escalation contacts.

Construction worker injury

Red Alert

We will immediately place the employee in direct contact with one of our operators if a Red Alert is raised. An employee should raise a Red Alert if they feel at risk, threatened, or of poor health. The operator will listen into the situation, and they will only speak if the employee makes it clear that it is ok to do so. First2HelpYou will handle the situation in the best way possible to keep the employee safe. This could be by contacting the emergency services or an escalation contact within your organisation.

Man Down

If the device senses a drop followed by a period of inactivity, the device will automatically send an alert to an operator at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This feature is potentially lifesaving. In the event that an employee suffers a serious fall or suddenly collapses, the Man Down feature will ensure that they receive help as soon as possible. First2HelpYou’s KIT Device, ID Badge, and Android app each include the Man Down feature.