Choosing The Right Product

In today’s dynamic work environment, the safety and well-being of lone workers is always a top priority for First2HelpYou, and we are at the forefront of providing innovative lone worker solutions, offering a comprehensive range of devices designed to address the unique needs of various job roles.
In this blog post, we will explore our diverse range of lone worker devices, including our newest device, Watch – Wearable Technology, KIT device, ID badge, and the First2HelpYou app, all of which can be optimised to ensure maximum safety and protection across specific job roles.

  • Wearable Technology: Our First2HelpYou Wearable lone worker watch is ideal for professionals who require hands-free solutions, allowing them to focus on their tasks while maintaining constant connectivity and safety. This technology is particularly suited for lone working engineers, healthcare workers, and construction personnel. By wearing this device, lone workers can benefit from features like GPS tracking, Red and Amber alert and Man Down technologies, ensuring communication and immediate assistance in case of emergencies.
  • KIT Device: The KIT device serves as a versatile solution for professionals working across a range of industries. Its compact design and easy portability make it ideal for lone workers in roles such as estate agents, delivery drivers, or retail workers. The KIT device provides a comprehensive set of safety features, including GPS tracking, two-way audio communication, Red and Amber Alert, and Man Down technologies. Lone workers can maintain regular contact with their employers and raise alarms if needed.
  • ID Badge: The ID badge offers a discreet and practical option for lone workers in customer-facing roles, such as healthcare professionals, social workers, and security personnel. First2HelpYou’s ID badge integrates advanced lone worker technology, including two-way audio, Red, Amber and Man Down technologies, GPS tracking and a long-lasting battery life. These features allow lone workers to discreetly signal for help without drawing attention, ensuring their safety in potentially volatile situations.
  • Lone Worker App: First2HelpYou’s lone worker app complements the range of physical devices and serves as a versatile solution for professionals who prefer using their smartphones as lone worker devices. This app is suitable for a wide range of job roles, including remote workers, lone sales representatives, and consultants. The app offers a comprehensive suite of features, including GPS tracking, emergency alerts, and timed check-ins.

At First2HelpYou, we are committed to enhancing workplace safety through our diverse range of lone worker devices. By tailoring these devices to specific job roles, we can optimise safety protocols, foster a secure work environment, and provide lone workers with the necessary tools to navigate potential risks confidently. Whether it’s wearable technology, the lone worker KIT device, ID badge, or the lone worker app, First2HelpYou’s comprehensive range ensures that lone workers across diverse industries can perform their duties with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is prioritised.