Download Lone Worker Case Study From Newport Mind

Download our lone worker case study from Newport Mind and find out why the charity is so happy with the lone worker solution we implemented.

Download the case study pdf at the bottom of this page to find out:

  • the lone working risks at a charity
  • the problems encountered with previous lone worker solutions
  • how Hazel and her team use our system
  • Our simple way for Hazel to check that her team are all safe


lone worker case study picture shows Hazel Diamond


Lone Worker Case Study

The Newport branch of mental health support charity, Mind, approached First2HelpYou looking for an easy to use, reliable lone worker solution. Discover the lone worker issues encountered by the charity and what we did to help them keep their staff safer.

Newport Mind is a mental health organisation based in the city of Newport in South Wales. One of the services the charity provides involves staff going out into the community, supporting people with mental health conditions so that they can sustain their tenancies independently. Newport Mind also runs their own supported housing system for people with greater care needs.

“Our staff work out in the community with a varied range of people”, explains Hazel Diamond, Housing & Supporting People Service Manager, “service users can have a variety of problems, some of which may make them unpredictable or hard to read. It’s quite difficult to assess risk when working with unpredictable people and there is always a risk that our staff could be attacked, both physically and verbally.”

“We had a lone worker solution in place for our employees as we wanted to ensure that if a situation turned hostile, we could get them the help they needed, quickly,” continues Hazel, “we want to protect both our employees and service users, so we provided staff with a lone worker app. However, people just didn’t take to the solution and found it confusing to use. We also worried that an app wasn’t a robust enough solution because, in an emergency, the user would have to first find their mobile phone to activate an alarm.”……..

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