First2HelpYou app vs devices – which should you choose?

What are the differences between the First2HelpYou lone worker apps and lone worker devices, and which one should you purchase? It is easy to go for the cheaper option, but remember, a person’s life is worth much more than a lone worker product.

Your decision all depends on what you require. Below we have listed some pros and cons of our apps and devices. It might help you decide which is the better option for you.

Pros of the app

  • Cost – the lone worker app is good value. It’s ideal for smaller businesses, self-employed lone workers or anyone who wants additional protection throughout their day.
  • Convenience – today, most people own a mobile phone. The app can be simply downloaded onto your iOS or Android device. There’s no need for an additional gadget.
  • Setup – the app can be deployed very quickly and easily.
  • The Android app is BS8484 compliant – meeting the industry standard for lone worker safety products.

Cons of the app

  • Data/SMS/voice usage – apps rely on mobile phone data/SMS/voice to function. Therefore, you will be using your own allowances.
  • Not BS8484 compliant on iOS devices – iOS (Apple operating system) is locked down, so the app can’t override the device lock meaning the user would need to log in to the app before activating a red alert.
  • Lack of Roaming Network – coverage may be varied depending on which network provider you’re with.

Pros of devices

  • Roaming Network SIM – First2HelpYou’s devices include a roaming SIM. This will pick up the strongest network signal in a given area across all major networks.
  • BS8484 compliant – meeting the industry standard for lone worker safety products.
  • Excellent battery life – devices are made to last longer than your standard mobile phone. Most devices have a high-capacity rechargeable battery with up to 30 hours of use.
  • Longevity – devices are more robust than mobile phones. They’re designed for people who work in harsh environments.
  • Adaptable – devices can be used to suit specific needs. First2HelpYou’s KIT Device comes with an accessory pack, allowing your employees to wear their devices in several ways.

Cons of devices

  • Inconvenience – you must remember to carry around an extra device and keep it charged.
  • More costly – devices do cost more than mobile apps.


First, you should carry out a risk assessment. This will provide you with most of the information you require to help determine which solution is best for your employees.

If your staff face higher risks while performing their duties, or are public-facing, then a lone worker device is the best option. If the risk of violence or threats is much lower amongst your staff, then a lone worker app is the ideal solution.

No matter which option you choose, both devices connect to our Alarm Receiving Centre in the same way, and all your employees still get the same fast response in an emergency.