If you feel at risk, press the SOS button! 

When an employee carries a lone worker device, some of their stress and pressure are relieved. Being able to carry out your duties, knowing that help is only a button press away, is of great relief. Even if an employee doesn’t need to activate a Red Alert, knowing that they can, provides a feeling of being protected and valued.

Your lone worker device from First2HelpYou is there to protect you in an emergency. Commonly, we hear from lone workers who think they’re being a nuisance if they raise alarms regularly. However, we want to reassure you that this isn’t the case. We prefer that you press the SOS button if you feel threatened or scared. 

You’re not being a nuisance.

At First2HelpYou, we have an onsite 24-hour alarm receiving centre (ARC) manned by trained operators who are always ready to deal with Amber Alerts, Red Alerts, and Man Down Alerts triggered by our device users. In an organisation where multiple lone worker devices have been implemented, you may discover that you use yours more than your colleagues. However, you must understand that each individual will handle certain situations differently, and some of us may feel more threatened in some scenarios than others. But if you feel it’s necessary to raise an alert, please do it! We would rather you speak to an operator about your concerns. Think of the device as your friend in a time of need…

help/SOS flag

What if?

Please don’t hesitate. Raise an alert! Even if you think you’re safe, you don’t know that undoubtedly. You will feel more secure knowing that one of our operators is listening to the situation and that there’s someone to talk to if you need it.

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