The importance of emergency escalation contact management

Why is it important to keep escalation contact information updated?

Emergency escalation contact management is key to keeping your employees safe. In the event that a device user raises an alert, an attempt will be made to communicate with them immediately. However, should this fail, the escalation contact/s for the device user will be contacted. As a result, if the details are incorrect or outdated, the process of the device user receiving help will be delayed.

Why use escalation contacts?

An escalation contact can assist with situations that do not require emergency services. A trained escalation contact may, however, check on the employee’s wellbeing or administer emergency first aid if they are located near the employee who triggered the alert.

Who should be an escalation contact? 

When choosing an escalation contact, we advise you choose someone who can answer their phone immediately or check their messages regularly. They must be caring and willing to help their colleagues at any time of day or night. Ideally, they will also have access/visibility of users’ whereabouts i.e., client addresses in case emergency assistance is required.

When should you update escalation contact details? 

  • When you go on holiday – temporarily remove yourself from the escalation list for the duration of your holiday.
  • If someone leaves the business – remove the old employee permanently from the escalation list and consider replacing them with another trustworthy escalation contact.
  • If a user changes team – if a user changes teams, it’s likely their escalation contacts will change too.

First2HelpYou makes emergency escalation contact management easy

First2HelpYou has created its own client management portal, Connect, which gives you visibility of your estate of lone worker devices/solutions. 

With Connect, you can also quickly and easily add and remove escalation contacts. As you can see in the below image, you have the options to edit, swap, and remove escalations. You can also ‘enable shuffling’ to reorder the escalations – this is the order of who we will contact first. If you decide to make changes, they will come into effect immediately.

Emergency escalation contact management using First2HelpYou Connect portal