Three ways to keep your warehouse staff safe

Did you know that keeping your warehouse staff safe is a legal requirement? For the most part, you probably have it covered. However, there are always new pieces of tech or kit that you can use to make your warehouse staff safer. From reducing the likelihood of accidents to reducing the impact if they do happen, health and safety is a broad and essential concern for warehouse managers.

We are going to look at three pieces of nifty tech and equipment you might not have considered that can help keep your staff safe when working in a warehouse.

Access Control

According to this article, staff gaining access to unsafe or restricted areas is a cause for concern. Whether you are siloing specialist machinery, restricting numbers for COVID measures, or storing hazardous materials, you are likely to have areas you only want certain people to be able to access.

Access control is an easy way to control this. Using access cards, wearable technology, or even fingerprint technology, you can be certain that only the people who have access can enter a restricted area. If required, you can easily update access. What’s more, you can check who has accessed a location and when.

Lone worker devices

You might think that 100+ people in a busy warehouse aren’t classified as lone workers. But they are if they are not under direct supervision. Imagine a colleague is in a remote corner of a warehouse and is suddenly taken ill or has an accident. How long might it be until someone finds them or notices they are missing?

A lone worker device will alert our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) almost immediately if one of your team has a fall or presses the alert button.

The operators at our ARC can call a pre-determined escalation contact in your team to ask them to find and help the colleague, and if necessary, emergency services can be contacted.

Specialist plants

Moving long or bulky goods with a forklift can be incredibly dangerous. The driver has to have the load very high, so it is difficult to see where they are going and are likely to be off-balance.

What’s more, you need wide aisles to accommodate moving the goods width ways.

A side loader lets you move your goods lengthways along aisles, making it safer for the driver and your goods. The cab drives forward, and the goods sit alongside it, reducing the width of the load and supporting it more securely.

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