What is BS8484?

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What is BS8484?

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BS8484 (the official title is the ‘Code of Practice for the provision of lone worker device services’) is a set of standards which all lone worker service providers must meet. It’s a lengthy document so to save you studying the standard in great detail we have put together the in’s and out’s and what you might want to know as someone looking to purchase lone worker devices.

BS8484 has four main parts which refer to important elements of any lone worker service:

  • Part 4 – Lone worker providers (like us)
  • Part 5 – Devices and apps
  • Part 6 – The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • Part 7 – Response organisations (emergency services or private security companies)

Why do we have BS8484?

The lone worker device market is quite a niche and new compared to other industries so before BS8484 there weren’t any guides to good practice or codes that applied specifically to lone worker providers.

Lone worker alarms, in most cases, link to the emergency services via an Alarm Receiving Centre – if a red alert or SOS call turns out to be a false alarm this can have an impact on police resources. So, in the early days of the industry, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), which has the responsibility of controlling police responses, wanted a way in which the number of false alerts could be reduced.

They introduced BS8484 as a way to control and regulate lone worker service providers and their products. Since then, the standard has been developed further and now stands as the industry standard that we must all adhere to and develop our products in line with. It now also includes information which is useful to those looking to purchase a lone worker solution, in addition to being the easily recognisable mark of good standards when choosing which company to work with.


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