Lone Worker Alarms : 5 Reasons To Choose an ID Badge Style Device

Lone worker alarms come in various shapes and sizes, but the best ones are simple devices which can be worn multiple ways. Devices like the First2HelpYou KIT device can be worn on a belt clip or one of the most popular options – as an ID badge.

ID Badge Lone Worker Alarms

When it comes to protecting lone workers, simplicity and ease of use are key. Especially for those who work in public facing roles where a situation can rapidly unfold and help is needed quickly. Step forward the ID Badge holder that comes as standard with each of our devices. Here are a few reasons why your lone workers may find this option works best for them.

picture shows staff wearing ID badge style lone worker alarms

  1. Your employees already wear ID badges

A common grumble amongst lone workers is that they don’t want to have to carry a specific lone worker device. They might find it a hassle to carry or be resistant to the idea on the whole. But…if your lone workers already wear ID badges, putting their lanyard on each morning will already be part of their routine. An ID style badge will be no different or any more equipment to carry.

  1. They are easy to wear

Devices like ours are very small and even when attached to the back of an ID badge they are still compact and don’t feel cumbersome. Lightweight and easy to use, your lone workers can enjoy maximum protection with one compact solution.

picture shows a smiling woman

  1. They’re discreet

Because our lone worker device is concealed behind an ID badge, it won’t be obvious to anyone that your staff are kitted out with panic alarms. They won’t draw attention and thanks to our clear SOS button, a red alert can be activated in a discreet manner. This is especially important for lone workers who work with members of the public. In a hostile situation, discreetness will keep your employees safe while help is on the way.

  1. They’re more than just a panic button

The device which fits behind our ID badges has multiple features. Employees can ‘check in and out’ using the amber alert functionality, send their location, and if it’s needed our devices can be set up with ‘man down’ functionality (useful for those working at height)

  1. They’re easy to use

Some ID badge lone worker alarms can be complicated to use, featuring many buttons and different lights. This was a frequent comment we heard from industry feedback. Because our ID badge is our standard KIT device in a new casing, it has all the same great features – including a simple design with just a couple of buttons. The red alert button is centrally placed and is easy to access, even without looking at the device.

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