Do you have a lone worker solution/device in place for 2022?

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Do you have a lone worker solution in place for 2022?

lone worker solution

If you employ lone workers, you may need to consider a lone worker solution/device. Lone workers are individuals who work by themselves without close or direct supervision, including homeworkers! First2HelpYou offer a range of BS8484 accredited lone worker products and services that can provide your employees with maximum protection when they need it most.

What’s the best solution for you?

First, you must understand what type of lone workers you employ. Lone workers can be categorised into three groups, each with distinct risk profiles. By grouping your workforce, you may find that all of your employees have the same requirements, or you may have a mixture. Establishing what duties your employees perform, when and where, will make choosing the right solution easier. However, if you are still struggling, First2HelpYou is more than happy to help guide you through this process.

What risks might your employees face?

You must be aware of the hazards that your lone workers might face. This will help determine which device is most suitable for your employee(s). Understanding the risks will allow both the employer and employee(s) to make the appropriate decision to uphold the highest safety standards to protect the lone worker.

We have listed some examples of potential risks below:

  • Acts of violence
  • Handling lifting or carrying
  • Slips, trips, or falls
  • Risk to an individual’s mental health and wellbeing

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