National Personal Safety Day 2018 – #StaySafeAtWork

Today, National Personal Safety day 2018, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust launched the Stay Safe At Work campaign in addition to revealing the results of their retail workplace safety survey.

Suzy Lamplugh and the Trust are also once again in the national spotlight as a renewed search for evidence into Suzy’s disappearance has hit the headlines. Suzy disappeared in 1986 whilst working as an estate agent. Ever since, the trust and Suzy’s parents have campaigned effortlessly to help people keep the mysterious disappearance in mind when they are out alone and to be especially careful when working alone.


The Search for Suzy Lamplugh


Suzy lamplugh

The renewed search for clues behind the murder of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh is now in the third week. Suzy was 25 when she disappeared in 1986 and was declared dead, presumed murdered, in 1994.

However, police have recently searched the former home of the prime suspect’s mother. John Cannan is currently already serving a life sentence for another murder and strongly denies any involvement with Suzy’s disappearance. He was previously named as a suspect in 2002 but new evidence has renewed the investigation.


National Personal Safety Day 2018


The Suzy Lamplugh Trust was established to reduce the risk of violence and aggression through campaigning, education and support. They work with employees on personal safety, especially women who may work alone, as Suzy herself did.

National Personal Safety Day, which is organised by the trust, is an annual event which aims to raise awareness of ways to keep safe and avoid violence, helping you to feel more confident.

national personal safety day 2018

The trust has also revealed the results of their personal safety day survey, which this year focused on the retail sector. We have previously written about the hazards of lone working in the retail sector and the survey results from the trust, plus the renewed interest in the case of Suzy herself has reminded us just why it is so important to stay safe at work.

Over 60% of respondents in the survey claimed that they had experienced aggression or violence in the workplace. Over 80% said they had suffered from verbal abuse, nearly 30% had experienced bullying, and at least 5% had shockingly, had a stalking experience.

A timely reminder that we all need to be more careful at work.

Suzy’s Charter


To support National Personal Safety Day and the results of their retail survey,  the trust has also launched Suzy’s charter. A list of tips to help employers do more to help protect their staff. These include:

  • Embed a workplace personal safety culture
  • Implement adequate risk assessments
  • Provide adequate reporting procedures
  • Provide personal safety training
  • Implement a tracing system
  • Have a system in place for colleagues to covertly raise the alarm
  • Have a clear procedure to follow if a colleague does not return or check in when expected
  • Ensure colleagues share contact details of the person they are meeting
  • Offer all staff a personal safety alarm
  • Regularly consult on, update, inform staff and provide access to all personal safety measures available

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