First2HelpYou’s relationship with OV (a subsidiary of Manx Telecom)

Who is First2HelpYou?

First2HelpYou supplies BS8484 accredited lone worker products and services to organisations across the UK. We provide an all-inclusive solution for the protection of lone or remote working employees. Not only this, but we also offer the highest level of service available on the market.

Who is OV?

OV is a subsidiary of Manx Telecom, one of the world’s most advanced and capable MNOs (Mobile Network Operators). OV provides global cellular connectivity to IoT and mobile service providers in the UK and other international markets.

First2HelpYou’s relationship with OV

First2HelpYou has worked with OV for over four years (since the get-go!). They provide SIM cards for our range of lone worker devices, enabling our clients to use them to their maximum potential. The SIMs provide data, voice & SMS, which are all vital elements for the functionality of our dedicated lone worker products.

One of the deciding factors to partner with OV was because their roaming SIMs will utilise the strongest network signal in a given area across all major networks, both inside and outside of buildings, where possible. This is an essential aspect of the SIM as it provides lone workers with the ability to raise an alarm in areas where single network signal coverage may be challenging.

The statistics

As a result of OV SIMs utilising all networks, we would expect both the geographic and population coverage to be in excess of the highest numbers shown in the table below:

Source: Ofcom connected nations report 2017.

30-day free trial

First2HelpYou offers a 30-day free trial on all of its lone worker devices. If you’d like to try one of our devices unrestricted before signing a contract, get in touch with one of the team today! 7729401.