First2HelpYou Lone Worker App

First2HelpYou Lone Worker App

If your lone workers carry enough gadgets with them the First2HelpYou lone worker phone application can be the simplest way to protect them.

The application can be installed on Android and IOS (apple) smart phones. The Android application has the same functionality of the KIT Device and both applications provide a solution without having to carry around an extra gadget.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also a cost-effective solution. No one should be more at risk because of budget constraints.

We have worked with dedicated software designers to create our own perfect application. You won’t find this anywhere else.

What’s more, if installed on an Android phone, the lone worker app is fully compliant with BS8484: 2016, the industry standard for lone worker safety products. (Find out more about BS8484: 2016 here.)

Lone Worker App Key Features

If the user feels vulnerable or is under threat, a red alert can easily be activated through a button press. This triggers a call to our partner, fully compliant, Alarm Receiving Centre, where an operator will be listening in to the situation to determine the best course of action. This might be calling the lone worker’s colleague, or escalating to the emergency services.

An amber alert is like leaving a voicemail with the alarm receiving centre. The user can let us know if they are beginning a high-risk task, or entering a location where they are likely to be more vulnerable. Although the GPS function of the app is accurate, it must have a clear line of sight to the sky, so being indoors can affect the accuracy. If, for example, the user is entering a hospital or block of flats, they can leave an amber alert detailing where their specific location is.

An amber alert also lets the user start a timer to countdown until they expect their task will be complete. A red alert will be activated if the user fails the confirm they are safe and well within the allotted time frame. This is a really important safety function for users who feel they won’t be able to activate their device during their task, for example, if they are conducting a meeting or carrying out a physically demanding activity.

Two-way audio allows the user and the alarm receiving centre operator to speak to each other, which, not only helps the operator figure out what sort of situation the user is in, but also lets the operator reassure the user the help is on the way.

The operator will listen in to the device for a period of time, before deciding if it is safe to open up two-way communication. If there is any doubt, they will not start speaking, so they don’t put the user in any more danger.

The lone worker app uses the latest technology to provide an accurate GPS location of the user. This is vital, so the lone worker can be quickly located if the emergency services need to be sent to them.

The GPS locations will show on our client management portal, Connect, so you can see if a colleague has entered a high-risk location.

In optimum conditions, the GPS is accurate to within 10 meters.

The man down function on the android lone worker app can be lifesaving. Imagine your colleague suffers a sudden onset illness, or falls down and cannot reach their device to press the button. The man down function will trigger a red alert if the phone detects a sudden impact, such as a fall.

A discreet vibration lets the user know that a red alert has been activated and is connecting with the alarm receiving centre operator. Once the operator is on the line, the mobile will vibrate again to reassure the user that help is available.

This can provide comfort and reassurance to the user in their time of need.

Both applications can be paired with our Bluetooth Button, allowing you to discreetly activate an alert without having to pull the phone out and use it. By simply pressing the button for a few seconds, the button overrides the phone’s keypad lock, allowing your staff to activate a red alert quickly and easily during an emergency.

The Bluetooth Button can be worn on a belt clip, around the neck, or on the wrist.

IOS lone worker safety app from First2HelpYou
First2HelpYou Lone Worker App bluetooth button
screenshot of the First2HelpYou lone worker android app

Why are Lone Worker Apps Not BS8484 Compliant on iPhones?

Unfortunately, the IOS phones do not enable lone worker safety applications to function to the standards laid out in BS8484: 2016, so cannot be considered compliant. This is because apple phones are so locked down, the log in function cannot be overridden by the app, meaning lone workers have to log in before activating a red alert. If having a BS8484: 2016 device is important to you, and your workers carry IOS phones, the KIT Device is your best bet.

How Convenient Is The Lone Worker App?

The First2HelpYou Lone Worker App can be downloaded just like any other app onto a smart phone. These days, most people carry a smart phone with them and are comfortable in using them. This means that, in times of need, the user can quickly and easily summon help using a platform they are already familiar with.

Who Is The Lone Worker App Most Convenient For?

Because the app is on a mobile phone, the lone worker app is most suitable for users who do not face risks throughout their day. This is usually staff who are not public facing and in a fixed location, or where mobile signal is not an issue.

The app is not suitable for those users on a Pay as You Go contract (PAYG), as being low on credit can stop the call being made to the operator, or cause the call to cut out halfway through.

But don’t worry about trying to work out the risk profile of your staff, or whether the app is compatible with your devices.  Our consultation process will identify that for you, and we will suggest the most appropriate solution to keep your staff safe.