First2HelpYou KIT Lone Worker Device

First2HelpYou KIT Device

The KIT lone worker device is perfect for lone workers who are at risk from their environment, their service users, the public, and their tasks. It is discreet, lightweight, and simple to use.

At the push of a button, your lone worker will connect with our alarm receiving center. Help is just a button push away!

With exclusively developed functions, the IPX5 rated, BS8484:2016 approved KIT lone worker device incorporates the latest Ublox7 GPS, GPRS and man down technologies. Featuring an amber alert with timer, as well as the red alert function, this is the perfect and easy to use solution for any lone worker.

First2HelpYou lone worker safety fob, KIT Device
KIT Device from First2HelpYou to protect lone workers

Why Choose the KIT Device?

Within our time in the lone worker industry, we have consistently heard the same requests from lone workers – the demand for a smaller, more flexible device, which is easy to use. We carefully considered customer requirements when developing the KIT lone worker device and are pleased to say that it delivers all market demands:

Each KIT lone worker device is supplied with an accessory pack featuring a belt clip, keychain and an exclusively designed ID badge. The device can be switched between accessories making it an extremely flexible solution, which will suit a wide variety of types of lone worker, or the task being undertaken.

Lower risk lone workers may feel comfortable housing the KIT lone worker device in the belt clip, or on a keychain, while higher risk employees will feel comforted by the discreet presence of the device inside the ID badge.

The KIT lone worker alarm features an easy to locate SOS button which makes it fast and easy for a lone worker to trigger a red alert. The size and position of the button makes it easy to locate and press, even when the device is stored in a pocket or on a set of keys – ideal for discreet use.

Amber alerts are just as easy to set – a simple button on the side of the device allows users to leave a message on their task and whereabouts. The other, smaller button lets lone workers send an instant update via GPS on their location. That’s just three functions to remember, making the KIT one of the most simple, yet powerful devices available.

Weighing just 35g, the KIT is light and fits more than comfortably into the palm of the hand. The small size makes the KIT discreet and easy to use.

KIT Device Features

Activated by simply holding down the “SOS” button for a few seconds. The button is easy to find and activate, even without looking-perfect if coupled with our bespoke ID badge holder. A red alert triggers an alarm in the monitoring station-night or day-and means the operator can listen in to the situation, speak to the user, and take an appropriate course of action.

Users can leave a detailed message relating to their task and expected finish time. This is a vital feature that sets the KIT Device in a state of readiness. It also triggers a timer; should the timer expire without the user checking out, an alert will be created. This can be a vital safety feature if a user is unable to activate a red alert themselves, for example if the KIT Device has been taken from them. The user can also leave a message detailing their location if GPS will be unreliable. GPS needs a clear line of sight to the sky for it to work. If the user is in a block of flats, for example, the GPS will pinpoint the general location but not the specific flat the user is in. This makes an amber alert function so necessary.

Two way audio allows our operators to talk to and reassure the user when the alert has been activated (if safe to do so). The operator can get more information about the situation and judge if the alert is genuine or false. The user can also talk to the operator to inform them of the dangers faced by them, their location, and response requirements.

The KIT Device uses the very latest Ublox 7 chipset,  which provides a high degree of location accuracy of up to 10 meters in optimum conditions. This feature means that the emergency services or internal response team can easily locate the user in trouble in the event of a red alert.

This feature will automatically send an alert to our operators if sudden movement, followed by a period of inactivity is detected. This feature can save a life if a user is taken ill, or falls down and is unable to activate their own KIT lone working device.

The KIT Device will vibrate discreetly, to indicate when a red alert is initiated, and again to confirm when it is connected to an operator. This reassures the user that someone is listening and help is available.

Lone workers can record their position at a specific date and time by pressing a button and speaking into the device. This is especially useful if the user enters a location known to be troublesome or dangerous, or if they are going indoors.

A high capacity rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with up to 30 hours normal use. Full battery recharge is achieved in approx. 2.5 hours, making the KIT Device a reliable, environmentally friendly option.

Coloured LED’s show the user at a glance exactly what the KIT Device is doing, including GPS, signal and battery status. Unlike other devices on the market, the KIT Device is simple to use, intuitive and safe.

At a Glance Specifications

Dim. 61*44*16mm
Weight 35g
Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS Accuracy 10m
Time To First Fix Cold Status 35 - 80s, Warm Status 35s, Hot Status 1s
Car Charger 12 - 24V input, 5V output
Wall Charger 110 - 220V input, 5V output
Battery Chargeable changeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion batttery
Standby 100 - 120 hours