Lone Worker Safety Training

The most important stage when implementing a new lone worker solution is training. Lone worker safety training is vital in ensuring your staff are fully protected. Not using their device, or using it incorrectly not only leaves your lone workers vulnerable but is a waste of your investment.

We offer lone worker safety training for every client, regardless of the number of devices you order. Our lone worker training sessions cover how to use our devices, why they device should be used, and general lone worker safety training.

Training can be delivered in a variety of ways; face to face, online or even a webinar. You are free to choose the method which you think will be the easiest and most effective for your lone workers.

people at a lone worker safety training session

Types of Lone Worker Safety Training

Underpinning a good lone worker solution is employees who are confident and comfortable with their lone worker devices and apps. Lone workers shouldn’t be burdened with hard to use, complicated devices, or have to undergo lots of training just to understand how to use them. That’s why our lone worker devices are simple to use and training is equally as easy – we can have your employees comfortable with their devices and what each button does, within a couple of hours.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get staff to understand why they need to carry a lone worker device. Especially those who haven’t personally ever experienced any sort of incident or threat. This is why alongside our device training, we are happy to give your employees some general lone worker safety training. This will cover why lone working can be dangerous and the importance of personal safety. It’s a great way to raise the profile of your new lone worker solution and remind staff that you want to keep them as safe as possible whilst they do their jobs.

A good internal safety culture comes from the top and filters down through teams, that’s why we find working in partnership with your team leaders leads to a more effective lone worker solution. In our experience, having your internal staff handle your device estate, provide new user details, and work with us in the case of an alert, is more effective. Manager’s Training ensures those designated managers are informed, equipped and confident.

Once your employees’ are all set up with their devices, are happy using them and understand the importance of lone worker safety, you might still feel like you need to supplement that with additional in-depth training.

First2HelpYou can organise or deliver training on a wide variety of topics related to one working and personal safety. These can be delivered at your site and made truly bespoke to your lone workers and their types of jobs they do.

We can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience from our own team in addition to working with external partners to bring your lone workers a bespoke lone worker safety training experience. Topics we can cover include personal safety awareness, dynamic risk assessments and conflict resolution.

Lone Worker Safety Training Delivery

When it comes to delivering your training we are more than happy to come to you and train face to face. Sometimes, however, that doesn’t meet your needs. In those instances, we can set up a webinar, or train the trainer.

Easy Online Training

We understand that the most daunting part about a new lone worker solution is thinking about how all of your staff are going to learn how to use their new devices. That’s why we provide full training for each of your employees, in a way that suits everyone.

Now, we think our lone worker devices are intuitive and easy to use but to help get your lone workers off to a great start, each device comes with an instruction booklet and a link to our online training videos.

Each video is only a couple of minutes long, easily digestible and comes with a series of questions to ensure that your employees fully understand how their new device works, and what to do when they need to call for help.

The beauty of online training videos is that they can be done anywhere, in your employees’ own time. No need to get everyone together in the same place or organise training days – each user can complete their training in their own time.

When a device user completes their training we automatically collect their test results and feedback on how they did, giving them chance to watch the video again to refresh their memory.

woman doing a lone worker webinar
managers who have had lone worker safety training, train the trainer

Train the Trainer

Lots of businesses have their own in-house training staff which is why we provide a Train the Trainer option for our customers. If you would rather train your staff yourselves, we can come and Train the Trainer, so you know that your staff are receiving the right message and that the training is consistent with your existent in-house training.

We will provide your trainer with everything they need to be able to get your lone workers up and running with their new devices, including any online resources and printed materials.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated training manager, we can easily train a nominated person at your end who can then pass their knowledge on to the rest of the team. This is a good option if your business has a high staff turnover, or you find the logistics of getting all your staff together in one room difficult.

First2HelpYou will still be on hand and available to help, should your trainer or nominated person have any question or need support.