The importance of workplace health and safety and why it should be taken seriously

Workplace health and safety are important for the wellbeing of both employees and businesses. Accidents are more likely to happen if an employer and its employees do not take workplace health and safety seriously. It is the responsibility of the employer to look after its employees during work hours. However, it is just as crucial for each employee to follow the health and safety procedures set out by their employer. 

Workplace health and safety

The following are five reasons why workplace health and safety are so important.

1. A more efficient and productive workforce

According to the HSE, improving health and safety helps you improve morale and productivity in your business. Your employees can do their work with less difficulty and less danger. Providing employees with a better working environment will make them happier, and in the long run, can save money and increase profitability.

2. Maintaining mental health & wellbeing

Mental Health is something that is often overlooked and does not get included in an employer’s health and safety procedure. However, it is a top priority. Stressful conditions can put a strain on employees’ mental health. Long hours, few breaks, little recognition, and impossible demands will quickly leave staff stressed and suffering from poor mental health. By positively managing and supporting employees’ mental wellbeing, businesses can ensure that employees perform to their full potential.

3. Reduce absences

Keeping a workplace safe reduces the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries, which reduces staff absences. As a result, businesses save money on direct costs of absences, such as salaries. 

4. Better reputation

Poor health and safety performance will directly affect profitability and could even result in the closure of a business. You can build a good reputation with your clients, your employees, and their friends and colleagues by preventing accidents and ill health at work.

5. Avoid prosecution and fines

The HSE can prosecute an individual in cases where there have been personal act(s) or failing(s) by an individual, and it would be proportionate to prosecute, bearing in mind the nature and extent of the breach and the risk to health and safety arising from it.