Tips for walking alone safely in the upcoming dark evenings

With the dark evenings quickly approaching, we are urging people to take some measures to help keep themselves safe. It is certainly more intimidating to walk alone in the darkness, and I think we have all experienced that feeling when we believe someone is following us. Here are some tips for walking alone safely during the upcoming dark evenings.

Girl walking alone in a dark street

1. Stay alert

The higher alert you are about your surroundings, the more you can focus on determining if there’s anything suspicious going on. You also don’t want to panic and lose your bearings. So, make sure you focus on where you’re heading.

2. Try to walk in well-lit areas.

Sure, well-lit areas do not promise you ultimate protection. However, walking in well-lit areas such as under street lights doesn’t only enable you to see better, but it also allows others to see you too. If you’re in trouble, you have a higher chance of being spotted and helped than if something happens in a dark alleyway with no lighting.

3. Avoid walking alone if you can

If you can, try and walk in groups or with a friend. For example, if you’re walking home from work, ask a colleague you trust if they can come with you. However, if you are walking alone, ensure you keep in touch with a close friend or family member.

4. Inform a friend or family member of your whereabouts

Keep in touch with someone while you’re walking alone. Simply share your live location with the person using your smartphone, or you could even call them and have a catch-up about your day. At least this way, someone knows where you are at all times until you reach the safety of your destination.

5. Carry a safety device

A safety device is a gadget that you can use to raise an alert if you feel threatened or are in trouble. The devices can be useful to have as they can give people an extra layer of protection and a sense of safety. Although First2HelpYou is a company dedicated to helping lone workers, we also welcome personal use of our app and safety devices. Just get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to help.