What is a lone worker device, and what does it do?

What is a lone worker? 

Before we go on to explain what a lone worker device is, let’s begin by defining a lone worker. A lone worker is an individual who works by themself without close or direct supervision. For example, a delivery driver, a care worker, or an engineer. A lone worker is at greater risk of hazards causing harm because they may not have anyone to help or support them if things go wrong.

What is a lone worker device?

So now that we understand what a lone worker is, what is a lone worker device? A lone worker device is a gadget or app that a worker can use to raise an alarm if they require emergency help or support. The devices are small and discrete, so a user can wear one without anyone knowing. For example, they might look like a photo ID badge, a belt clip, a smartwatch, or it could be an app on a mobile phone.

the first2helpyou KIT device

What does it do?

Most devices come equipped with GPS technology so that the user’s location can be determined if needed. They have a two-way audio feature so the user can talk to an operator if an alert is raised. A user can raise different alerts depending on the situation. The alerts include: 

  • Amber Alert – Amber Alert allows lone workers to leave a detailed message relating to their task, which starts a timed event. If the user doesn’t check in before the event times out, then an operator will be in touch to check they are safe.
  • Red Alert – the device will automatically dial through to the company’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) if a Red Alert is raised. ARC operators will listen in and, if appropriate, communicate with the user.
  • Man Down – this feature automatically sends an alert to the ARC if sudden movement, followed by a period of inactivity, is detected.

First2HelpYou’s device portfolio 

First2HelpYou has a range of lone worker devices designed for all industry sectors. Our devices include: 

  • KIT device – the KIT device is one of our most popular devices. It is small and robust and can be used in almost any environment.
  • ID Badge – the ID Badge is our newest device. Its slim design makes it super discreet.
  • Lone worker app – the app is a budget-friendly option. You can transform your Android or iOS* smartphone into a personal SOS alarm.

*Man Down function is not supported on iOS devices.