First2HelpYou At The Lone Worker Safety Expo 2019

Last years event was such a resounding success that The Lone Worker Safety Expo is back this year, even bigger and better. First2HelpYou will be there, so this week let’s have a look at what goes on at the expo in our latest blog: First2HelpYou At The Lone Worker Safety Expo 2019.

photo shows Alicia and Dave at the The Health & Safety Event 2019

What Is The Lone Worker Safety Expo?

The Lone Worker Safety Expo is a one-day event in London devoted entirely to looking at the safety of lone workers.

Their aim is “to ensure that the day provides you real value; increasing your knowledge and awareness of the health and safety, personal safety and security, and wellbeing risks to lone and vulnerable workers in a variety of sectors.”

Specialists in the world of lone working, from companies that supply lone worker devices, to experts from the Health & Safety Executive, all gathered together at the King’s Fund in central London (Located just behind John Lewis on Oxford Street).

It is the ideal opportunity to find out more about the legal obligations when you employ lone workers.

Or if you want guidance and advice on using lone worker devices, demonstrations and the chance to talk to suppliers and experts who for one day only, will all be gathered under one roof.

The 2018 expo was more popular than ever, and this year is shaping up to be even better, so the Lone Worker Safety Expo 2019 is most definitely an event not to be missed!

Photo shows the First2HelpYou stand at the Health & Safety Event 2019

What Happens At The Lone Worker Safety Expo?

So, if you want to find out about developments in lone worker technology or get answers to questions about health and safety guidance, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

There will also be the chance to talk to suppliers of lone worker devices face to face (including First2HelpYou of course!) and to have demonstrations of the devices and services that they offer.

After an introduction from this year’s host, host Nicole Vazquez from Worthwhile Training, the rest of the morning is devoted to the Keynote Conference, with a series of talks from expert speakers in the world of lone working and health and safety.

This year the line-up is even better than last year, and you really won’t want to miss it!

There are speakers from the Health & Safety Executive, the Chief Inspector from the National Business Crime Centre, the Head of Advice and Practice at IOSH, the Director of Hundred Acre (UK) Ltd and the Head of Health & Safety and Safeguarding Manager at Arsenal Football Club.

After lunch (and this will be a good opportunity to do some networking) there is a discussion with a panel of experts focussing on ‘Engaging Lone Workers and Senior Management in the Risk Control Conversation’ and then there are a series of interactive workshops.

This year the workshop topics are ‘Practical Solutions to the Personal Safety and Security Risks to Your Lone Workers’, ‘A Legal Case Study’ and ‘Managing Violence and Aggression Against Frontline Staff’.

The day then closes with a last chance to speak to the exhibitors and dedicated professionals.

First2HelpYou at the Lone Worker Safety Expo 2019

Lone Worker Safety Expo 2019 Contact Details

The day begins with an ‘ask the expert’ Q&A, giving you the opportunity to discuss any aspect of lone working with the panel of experts.

We could talk about the expo all day but we know how busy you are so if all of this sounds like it might be of interest to, be sure to visit the Lone Worker Safety Expo website here. There is much more information on what happens during the day, who the exhibitors will be and details of times and the fantastic Kings Fund venue.

First2HelpYou will be there throughout the day and this year we can offer you a discount code!

If you mention First2HelpYou when you register for tickets, the organisers of the Lone Worker Expo will make sure that get a discounted price for you and all of your delegates.

The event is only three months away and tickets are selling very quickly, so be sure to register as soon as you can as you really don’t want to have to miss out and wait for the 2020 expo!

Book An Appointment With First2HelpYou

First2HelpYou will be at the expo all day so please do come and see us at any time during the event.

Like we said earlier, tickets are selling fast and it promises to be even busier than last year, so if you want to make sure you get to speak to one of our team and our lone worker devices then it may be a good idea to book an appointment with us before you go.

You can call us on 0333 7729401, use our online contact form here, or email

We look forward to seeing you there!