Five Safety Tips For Working Alone At Night (Infographic)

It looks like summer has well and truly departed and we are quickly heading into winter. No fun when you work alone! Being out and about on dark nights presents new hazards and it’s sensible to take extra precautions.

Here are our top tips for working alone at night, especially for those who visit different destinations or travel on foot. The following tips can also be used by anyone who is out lone working at night. 


Working Alone at Night – Top Tips

top tips for working alone at night infographic


Avoid Dark Areas

Try to avoid badly lit areas or dark alleyways, streets or car parks. Plan your routes to incorporate well-lit areas, avoiding wooded or remote places.

Carry a Flashlight

Even if your route is well lit, a flashlight can come in handy if you need to find keys or experience a power shortage or lack of light in any of your locations.

Wear Suitable Clothing

Consider wearing a reflective jacket or armbands; this is especially important when working near moving vehicles. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable footwear.

Safety Accessories

There are many devices and gadgets designed to help keep you safe. If you have one, carry your lone worker device or buy a personal alarm. Even a whistle can be a great deterrent should you be attacked.

Plan Your Route

If you’re walking when its dark, plan your route beforehand and walk with purpose. Looking lost or confused can attract criminals.

Don’t Get Distracted

Be alert when you are alone at night. Don’t walk with your phone in your hand or wear headphones. Your eyes and ears need to be ready at all times.

Car Safety

It sounds really obvious, but when you are in your car ensure that your lights are on and that you have enough fuel to cover your journeys. Lock your doors, especially when stopping at lights and don’t leave valuables on display.

Let People Know Where You Are

If you have a lone worker device, you can manually update your GPS location. For anyone else, always let people know where you are going, what time you are setting off and are due to arrive at your destinations.