A mobile phone should not be relied upon to protect your employees unless the First2HelpYou lone worker app is installed

According to this source, 83.72% of the world’s population owns a smartphone which translates to 6.648 billion people! Due to their portability, people feel protected by their phones. Most people will carry their phones everywhere with them. And think about it, if there were an emergency, you’d grab your phone immediately, wouldn’t you? But what if you suddenly fell unconscious or had a bad fall where you struggled to move or get up again? Your mobile phone wouldn’t be of good use.

At First2HelpYou, we hear of a lot of businesses that use mobile phones as a method of protecting their lone workers. In this blog, we will explain why a mobile phone should not be relied upon unless the First2HelpYou lone worker app is installed.

The First2HelpYou lone worker app

Facing injury

Without the installation of our lone worker app, a mobile phone is unable to detect and monitor a user’s movements. So, if a lone worker falls unconscious or gets attacked, they might not be able to reach for their mobile phone to seek help. However, with the assistance of the First2HelpYou lone worker app, the ‘Man Down’ function will detect sudden movement followed by a period of inactivity. This function will automatically send an alert to an operator who will be able to help and request emergency assistance if required.

Please note that the Man Down function is only available on Android.

BS8484 approved

Mobile phones do not meet the British industry-standard, BS8484:2016. Sure, this may not seem like an issue. But did you know that the BS8484:2016 certification ensures that lone workers get the highest level (Level 1) of police response? Level 1 police response is not usually available through the 999 or 101 systems. It is exclusively for those who need it in an emergency. The First2HelpYou app is BS8484:2016 certified on Android mobile phones, meaning Level 1 Police response is available to Android app users.


When a person feels threatened by a member of the public, they may be afraid to pull out their phone to call for help. First2HelpYou’s lone worker devices look discreet, and an alert can also be activated discreetly to avoid aggravating the situation. If the First2HelpYou app is installed on a user’s mobile phone, the lock button can be overridden on Android, so the user simply needs to repeatedly press the lock button on their phone to raise an alert.


As you can see, mobile phones provide a lack of protection against lone workers unless an app is installed. Please protect your lone workers safely and reliably. Get in touch with a member of the team today. Call 0333 7729401 or email sales@first2helpyou.co.uk