Top tips on how to stay safe while lone working this Christmas

On Christmas Day, most of us will set aside time for gatherings with family and friends. However, lone workers such as health and social care workers, lorry drivers, and nurses will continue to work. This festive season, think of those working out of hours – often under pressure, supporting people in crisis, or people who may be alone. If you are lone working this Christmas, here are some tips on how to stay safe.

nurse key worker

Continue to take precautions

Don’t stop taking precautions just because it’s Christmas. Due to the change in weather and people traveling to visit family and friends around Christmas, there can be a greater risk of accidents on the road, for example.

Use your lone worker device/app

First2HelpYou will continue to monitor your lone worker device or app over the Christmas holidays. There are operators in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who are working during Christmas as well. So, if you need any help, make sure you escalate the situation if needed by using your device!

Travel safely

Make sure you plan for your journey. Check the weather conditions and prepare your vehicle before you set off. Use de icer and ensure your windows are steam free so that you can see clearly. If you rush, you’re more at risk of having an accident.

Keep in touch with your colleagues

Keep in regular contact with your work colleagues who are also lone working over Christmas. Make sure they’re aware of who to contact if they need assistance. 

Use your breaks

Use your breaks to relax. Call your family or friends and have a catch-up. Just try and switch off from work for a moment if you can.

Update people on your whereabouts

Sharing your location with others is a good way to stay safe. If people know where you are, you’re more likely to receive help quicker in an emergency. If you have a lone worker device, make sure it’s fully charged and switched on. Ensure you leave Amber Alerts with location and task information, to allow the operators to assist in the event of an activation.

Enjoy yourself

Most importantly, try and enjoy yourself as much as you can! Play some festive tunes to help get in the Christmas spirit.