Staying Safe Over The Festive Period

Christmas should be a time full of merriment and fun, and for most of us, it is. However, it is also a holiday that can be fraught with danger and an increased risk of crime. From Christmas parties to working alone, there are many areas of your life where you need to know how to keep safe.

Christmas Safety Tips

We have put together some of our top tips for keeping safe this Christmas, below you will find them broken down by category.


When you are out Christmas shopping or at a market, the main risk comes from pickpockets who seek to take advantage of packed shopping bags, wallets full of cash, and crowded shopping areas. Here are our top five tips for staying safe when shopping.

  1. Always keep your bag zipped/closed properly and close to your body. Don’t ever go shopping with a rucksack style bag as these are the easiest for thieves to target.
  2. Keep an eye on your Christmas shopping when stopping for food or coffee. Put bags on a seat next to you or tucked well under your table.
  3. If you take children shopping, ensure you hold their hands in crowded areas and brief them on what to do should they become lost. Agree a meeting point with older children that they can easily locate should they get separated from you.

image shows a Christmas shopping street - an area it is important to stay safe

  1. Park in well lit, busy car parks when you are out shopping and if you have to return to your car to store shopping there, make sure it is in the boot of your car and not on the seats.
  2. Stay alert when you are in busy shopping areas, look out for and report suspicious looking people and unattended bags/packages.

Christmas parties

If you are out at a Christmas party or have a night on the town, it is important that you are aware of the risks and know how to reduce the risk that you become a victim of crime. Here are some personal safety tips for parties and nights out.

  1. Never accept food or drink from a stranger. Even be cautious of people you think you may know and if they offer to buy you a drink, go to the bar with them.
  2. If you leave a party or club early, try and convince a friend to come with you. Even if they just escort you to a taxi – don’t be tempted to walk home or wander about alone.
  3. If you do find yourself alone, store your keys, phone and some money in your pocket. That way if anyone asks you for your bag it will be easier to hand it over and get away.
  4. If someone you don’t know very well asks you to go home with them, think about it carefully. If you do find yourself going to another party or someone’s house, message people to tell them where you are going. Even better if you can send the address.
  5. Know your limits when it comes to alcohol. Try to alternate alcoholic and soft drinks. If you can feel yourself becoming very drunk – stop!

image shows two men at a Christmas party


Safety is always a priority in the workplace but Christmas brings some additional risks, especially for those who work alone. Here are five tips for staying safe at work this Christmas.

  1. If you use a lone worker system, ensure that Christmas needs to be factored into the rota and escalation contacts may need updating for the holiday period.
  2. If your office or workplace operates a skeleton staff over Christmas be careful when leaving the office or arriving. The reduced amount of people may attract criminals.
  3. Always switch off Christmas tree lights when leaving the office. If it keeps getting forgotten, nominate a person to do it or make a rota.
  4. If you travel to different areas for work or are community-based be aware that alcohol and ‘merrymaking’ can quickly turn sour at this time of year.
  5. If you are a lone worker, as always, ensure that your lone worker device is charged up and turned on when you are working and travelling to and from work.

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We hope that you enjoy the festive period and above all, keep safe!

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