Worried About Lone Working This Christmas?

Are you lone working this Christmas? Read on for our tips on how to stay safe and keep your motivation up.

Lone Working at Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration and fun for many people, however, some people have to work over Christmas and this can put a dampener on the festivities – especially for those who work alone.
lone working christmas

Here is our advice for lone workers this Christmas:

1. Don’t let standards slip – sometimes, during the holidays, usual safety standards can slip. This might be due to people feeling more relaxed, a loss of focus or because of staff holidays. However, you must pay attention and meet the usual safety standards. If you are concerned that the right people who usually look after safety are not present during the holidays, speak to your employer about it.

2. Keep in touch with people – you must keep in touch with people over the holidays, not just from a safety point of view but to keep motivated. It can be hard when you are away from your family and friends over the Christmas period and working in isolation can increase the feeling of sadness. Keep in touch with your colleagues and use appropriate breaks to speak to friends and family.

3. Use your lone worker device – don’t forget to use your lone worker safety device. Just because it is Christmas, it doesn’t mean that the chances of anything happening are reduced. Don’t forget to keep your device charged and switched on.

4. Eat properly – feeling hungry can increase tiredness and make you lose concentration. Ensure that you take the time to eat properly and look after yourself. Maybe your family might be so kind as to pack up some special holiday food for you!

5. Take regular breaks – your job may be particularly busy at Christmas but it is still important to take regular rest breaks. You might be tempted to ‘power through’ without a break, but this can lead to mistakes or accidents. No matter how busy you are, you must look after yourself properly and take a break from the job. Even if it’s just ten minutes, it will reset your mind and make you feel more refreshed.

Get in Touch

We hope that you enjoy the festive period, even if you are working but most importantly – stay safe!

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