Lone Worker Alarms-How To Encourage Employee Engagement

Implementing lone worker alarms is a big project for any business. The work that goes in before a solution is rolled out will include; risk assessments, lone worker policy drafting, research, smoothing over the technical side of things and getting approval from your bosses.


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Types of Lone Workers (Infographic)

In order to work out how best to protect your staff, you must first know what the lone worker risks are. One of the easiest ways to do this is to establish what types of  lone workers your staff are. We find it’s easy to use three distinct categories, each of which represent a variety of job roles; public lone workers, mobile lone workers and fixed location lone workers.

Our handy infographic breaks down each type of lone worker and the risks they face.


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Implementing A Lone Worker Policy And Ensuring Take Up

Implementing a lone worker policy into your business is the best way to protect your lone workers, whether you have dedicated lone worker alarms or not.

It ensures that every member of your team has a good understanding of the range of practices that will keep them safe, and have the confidence and permission to embed them into their everyday work-life.

But, as you almost certainly know, writing a policy is the easy part-getting people to follow it is where is gets tricky.

So, we have rounded up the best ‘tried and tested’ tips we have come across during our long careers it the lone worker sector for effectively rolling out a lone worker policy.


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Lone Working in the Voluntary Sector

Lone working in the voluntary sector carries specific risks. Voluntary workers have the best interests of others at heart; carrying out jobs and providing services that often takes them away from their own lives to help improve other peoples. They are also some of the most vulnerable types of lone workers. Read on for a further look at the voluntary sector and why charity workers could benefit from lone worker alarms.


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