The Best Type of Lone Worker Alarms

Welcome to First2HelpYou and our blog. We are a new business to enter the lone worker alarms market and we are delighted to just this week, bring our innovative products and service offering to the table. We might be the new kids on the block, but with a few industry experienced brains working away in the background we naturally decided to establish a blog and a knowledge bank, where we can talk about all things lone workerish.

As time progresses, we want this blog to become a place of learning, packed full of useful information and guides, aimed at those who manage lone workers. You will have to forgive us for talking about ourselves a little bit in our very first blog, but it’s only polite that we properly introduce ourselves!


Lone Worker Alarms and a Provider That Works for You


Our business was established to fill a gap in the market. The gap for a premier provider of lone worker alarms, apps and services. The best of the best, the top dogs. A provider that really strives to make great relationships with their clients and encourage maximum uptake of devices.

Anyone who has ever tried to implement a lone worker solution knows that it really isn’t as simple as buying some devices and sending staff off on their merry way. A successful solution starts with a good implementation process and continued support from your provider. We aren’t going to sell you a load of devices and run.

Images used in a blog post by Premier provider of lone worker alarms, First2HelpYou which discusses the best type of lone worker alarms.

Talking of devices, we have this week proudly introduced the KIT Device. With exclusively developed functions, the BS8484:2016 approved device incorporates the latest GPRS and man down technologies. Featuring an amber alert with timer, as well as the all-important red alert, it’s a fantastic, easy to use solution for any lone worker – if we don’t say so ourselves.

If you want to read more about why we set this business up, who we are and what we want to achieve, then check out our industry credentials. But in a nutshell, our knowledge of the lone worker market, existing products and lone worker feedback drove us to create our own products and service.

Now let’s talk devices….


But Do I Need a Lone Worker Alarm?


If you have established that by definition you are a lone worker or that your employees are, then yes, you need a lone worker alarm. If you or your staff work in any sort of situation where environmental hazards or threats to safety are present, then the comfort and peace of mind that comes with carrying a lone worker alarm will vastly reduce the stress one can feel in such a role.

Work-related stress and the various wellness apps and solutions to combat the causes have become big news recently. Lone worker alarms fit into the wellness category quite well, because they have similar benefits. You might not ever have to press the ‘panic button’ but you sure will feel better in the knowledge that if you do, help will arrive swiftly.

Images used in a blog post by Premier provider of lone worker alarms, First2HelpYou which discusses the best type of lone worker alarms.

There are also the legalities to consider. We have been asked a few times over the years; “do I really need to provide my staff with devices?”. Those who ask this, actually want to find out “do I legally need to provide my staff with devices?”, the answer is still the same – yes! Well sort of. You have a legal obligation and duty of care to do everything you can to protect your staff from harm, that includes the dangers of lone working. And besides, why wouldn’t you want to?


So…What are the Best Type of Lone Worker Alarms?


We believe it isn’t a simple case of what device or app is the best. Sorry! Lone workers have individual needs, depending on their role and risk factors, so one size doesn’t fit all. It’s a simple process to establish a lone worker’s needs though and we will get to that in another post very soon.

What we believe really matters, is the combination of an appropriate device, excellent service, user training and a supportive provider. With all of that in place, you are well on your way to protecting your lone workers in the best way possible.


Get in Touch With Us


We look forward to hearing from you as well as sharing our thoughts and advice with you via our blog. Hopefully, you will find the blog useful and if you have any suggestions then please feel free to drop us a line – we want to establish ourselves as your friendly, knowledgeable lone worker alarm provider.

If you have any questions about the First2HelpYou KIT Device, lone working in general or just want to say hi, then shoot us an email: or call us on 0333 7729401.