Say Hello To The KIT Lone Worker Alarm

If you’re looking for a new type of lone worker alarm and service provider then look no further, and let us introduce you to the KIT Lone Worker Device, from the UK’s premier provider of safety alarms – First2HelpYou.

At less than two weeks into the new year and the launch of our business, we’ve already had an amazing response and lots of questions about our newly launched lone worker alarm, so now we are raring to go and have all of our accreditations in place, we thought it best to properly introduce our device and tell you why we think it’s the best available on the market!

Introducing the First2HelpYou KIT Device


The market has long been demanding a small, easy to use lone worker alarm from a provider which really cares about its clients and safety.  The wait is over and we’re proud to present the KIT Lone Worker Device, exclusively developed by us, for those who need the most protection.

Perfect for people who face hazards in their work environment, or risk from service users and the public, it is a simple, flexible and reassuring presence when carried by any lone worker. Designed with input from our team of considerable experience, feedback from lone workers and their managers, the First2HelpYou KIT Device comes with every feature you would expect from a lone worker alarm, including:

  • Amber alert with adjustable timeout alert trigger
  • Red alert button which can be pressed discreetly
  • Two-way audio between lone worker and our monitoring team
  • GPS with high degree of accuracy and latest Ublox 7 chipset
  • Man down feature for those who work at heights
  • Vibrations and LED sequences which are easy to remember
  • High capacity battery which will last up to 30 hours

Each device is also supplied with a docking station and USB for charging, plus our bespoke F2HY housing accessories. Used with or without our accessories, The KIT Device weighs in at just 35 grams, making it light, but of a reassuring size.

Lone Worker Security and Peace of Mind


A lone worker device is not a ‘nice to have’ gadget. This isn’t the latest iPhone. Carrying a device means that your job involves very real and sometimes scary hazards. Working in such a role can put a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on an employee, which ultimately, can result in absenteeism and a high staff turnover for your business.

Image illustrating a blog post about the KIT lone worker alarm from First2HelpYou, the UK’s premier provider of lone worker alarms.

When an employee carries a lone worker alarm, some of that stress and pressure is relieved. Being able to carry out your duties, knowing that help is only a button press away is of great relief. Even if an employee doesn’t need to activate a red alarm, knowing that they can, should the situation need it, provides a feeling of being protected and valued.

Of course, after years in the lone worker industry, we’ve heard some of the reasons a lone worker might not want to carry a device. They’re nearly always related to devices being bulky, complicated to use, or not having the right features. That’s why, when we developed the KIT device, we did so with the end user at the forefront of our minds. We took all of those niggly bits and fixed them. We’ve produced a device which is:

Simple to use…

When you’re in a demanding and stressful role the last thing you want is to have to learn how to use a complicated gadget. The KIT Lone Worker Device is deliberately easy to use, the buttons feel instinctive and you don’t have to remember loads of different press sequences. The red alert button is clearly marked as SOS and can be pressed without having to look at the device – when it’s in your pocket for instance. Amber alerts are just as easy to set, you simply press a button, record your message and get on with your job, safe in the knowledge that someone knows where you are and what you’re doing.

Image illustrating a blog post about the KIT lone worker alarm from First2HelpYou, the UK’s premier provider of lone worker alarms.

Flexible enough for all types of lone worker…

Some lone workers don’t carry out the same task every day, go to the same places or face the same hazards. That’s why we supply our devices with an accessory kit which can transform the KIT device into a key fob, ID style badge or belt clip. Your lone worker device will fit around your role and can be tailored to whatever form you feel comfortable carrying. If you need discretion, the ID badge holder will disguise the device whilst keeping it easily accessible.

Reassuring in size and features…

Our device is not the smallest on the market and that was a conscious decision. It’s still dinky at just over 60 mm tall, but it’s not so small that the buttons are fiddly or altogether missing. It fits reassuringly in the palm of a lone workers hand, pocket or on a lanyard.

View the KIT Device For Yourself


If you want to talk about lone worker safety and take a look at the KIT Device then we would love to hear from you. In addition to providing devices, we will carefully listen to what you and your employees need, only recommending the solution we feel is the best fit – no high pressured sales here!

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