Driving Safely for Work When Lone Working

If you travel regularly for work there are a few things you can do that will make driving safely for work a given.

Take a look at our handy infographic below.

What Are The Risks of Driving For Work?


First and foremost, if your staff are driving for work the chances are they are lone working, even if they are with a colleague.

The law states that driving between sites of work is still classed as the working day, so if your staff are driving and not with their supervisor or line manager, they are classed as lone working. Even if they are with their manager, they are likely to not be with their manager, and therefore they are lone working!

And the risk of lone working is that it is hard to raise the alarm if you are injured, or incapacitated. If you are unconscious or unable to use your phone, you might not receive help for hours. That can be life threatening.

When that is combined with the general dangers of driving, it becomes vital that your staff are protected when driving for work.

If not, and the worst should happen, you could be held responsible.


Driving Safely For Work Top Tips


Follow our top tips here to make driving for work safe.


1) Keep The Car Roadworthy

Make sure your tyres are in good condition so you don’t have a blowout, or get stranded with a flat tyre.

Ensure your care is in a good state of repair before you embark on a journey. If you are in any doubt, don’t drive. It is better to have to rearrange meetings than be stranded on the motorway or, worse, cause an accident.


2) Take Enough Breaks

It is a fact that driving tired can cause you to crash. You attention wonders and your reactions aren’t as quick.

Build time into your journey to take plenty of breaks and don’t struggle on. Better late than dead on time!


3) Don’t Use Your Phone

This one is obvious. Not only is it illegal, it is highly dangerous. Put it in the boot so you aren’t tempted.


4) Set an Amber Alert

Set your lone worker device or app in a state of readiness by setting an amber alert. If you are in an impact, your device will activate a man down alert and the alarm receiving centre will be alerted.


Driving safely for work when lone working infographic