BS8484 Buyer’s Guide For Lone Worker Devices

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BS8484 Buyer’s Guide For Lone Worker Devices

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Finding your way through the BS8484 quagmire can be confusing. Use our BS8484 buyer’s guide for lone worker devices to help you choose the best lone worker product for your company.

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Choosing A BS8484 Compliant Lone Worker Device


If you are in the market for a lone worker provider you are likely to be considering the overall service, cost per person, and capabilities of the device.

You have also probably come across BS8484. This is the lone worker industry standard that governs how the devices, alarm receiving centre and overall service should work.

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Every lone worker provider should be audited at least annually to make sure they are still compliant with BS8484.

If you are looking to sign up to a lone worker provider, it is definitely something you should be checking against.

But it is a lengthy document and, even with the best will in the world, finding the time to sit and trawl through it to pick out the pertinent bits is probably not going to happen.

This handy BS8484 buyer’s guide for devices below covers some of the absolute essentials each BS8484:2016 compliant device should have, including some additional extras to look out for.


BS8484 buyer's guide for devices

Being BS8484 Compliant


BS8484 was revised in 2016 to take into account new technology and tighten up some areas, so be sure to look for a BS8484:2016 accredited company and device.

It is worth noting that some lone worker products, such as the iPhone app, cannot be compliant due to the way the iPhone works, so beware of any provider saying their iPhone app is compliant. It won’t be!

The First2HelpYou KIT device and the android app are fully compliant.

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