Lone Working Help in the Palm of Your Hand

Are you looking for lone working help? Our KIT Device might be just what you’re looking for.

When developing our own lone working device we were keen to give users a small and easy to use device. Why? Because size does matter when it comes to lone worker solutions! After years of working in the industry, we knew that lone workers commonly reported that they didn’t use devices or felt they were a ‘hassle’ due to their bulky nature, or that they didn’t feel easy enough to use.

The First2HelpYou Kit Device

With this information in mind, our team embarked on a mission to bring lone workers one of the smallest devices on the market that is not only packed with features, but that is also very easy to use!

We are proud to say that we think the First2HelpYou KIT device meets the requirements of even the most complex organisations and sceptical end users.

the KIT lone worker safety device from lone worker experts First2HelpYou

Each KIT Device is supplied with an accessory pack featuring a belt clip, keychain and an exclusively designed ID badge. The device can be switched between accessories making it an extremely flexible solution, which will suit a wide variety of types of lone worker, or the task being undertaken.

Lower risk lone workers may feel comfortable housing the KIT Device in the belt clip, or on a keychain, while higher risk employees will feel comforted by the discreet presence of the device inside the ID badge.

The KIT lone worker alarm features an easy to locate SOS button which makes it fast and easy for a lone worker to trigger a red alert. The size and position of the button make it easy to locate and press, even when the device is stored in a pocket or on a set of keys – ideal for discreet use.

Amber alerts are just as easy to set – a simple button on the side of the device allows users to leave a message on their task and whereabouts. The other, smaller button lets lone workers send an instant update via GPS on their location. That’s just three functions to remember, making the KIT one of the most simple, yet powerful devices available.

Lone Working Help in the Palm of Your Hand

help in the palm of your hand with the KIT lone worker device from First2HelpYou team

Back to size, the KIT device weighs in at just over 35g and measures 61mm x 44 mm. This means the device is more than comfortably fits into the palm of your hand.

Why is the size and feel of the device so important?

It comes down to one thing; usability.

When implementing a lone worker solution, it isn’t uncommon for some employees to be hesitant, wary or feel like using devices may be bothersome. And indeed, some older styles of lone worker device are bulky and a hassle to use. This can all lead to low uptake or buy-in for your newly implemented solution – before it even gets off of the ground. You want your employees to be on your side from the beginning and get a feel for the device they will be using and feel comfortable that they will be comfortable using it.

As the KIT device was developed with this in mind you will be hard pushed to find anyone who is resistant to using our lightweight, small and easy to use device.

Want to Know More About Our Solutions?

You can read the full specification for the First2HelpYou KIT device here. Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 7729401 or get in touch via our contact page if you would like more information, advice or pricing.