Lone Worker Protection Market Set to Double By 2022

An analyst firm specialising in the Internet of Things, Berg Insight, has predicted that the market value for lone worker solutions could reach €260 million by 2022 in Europe and North America. In this week’s blog, we take a look at what is driving that market growth.


Lone Worker Solution Popularity Surge

In 2017, the lone worker marker value stood at €110 million so if the predictions are correct, the market will almost double in value by 2022.

Berg Insight also predicted that the number of lone worker safety device users would grow from 500,000 to 1.1 million users by 2022.  That is, people using dedicated lone worker technology which uses GPS and cellular technology.

image shows an app user who may also be a lone worker

Interestingly, the research also indicates that lone worker app use will significantly increase too; with an estimated 20% of all lone worker solutions in Europe already being app based.

As one of the UK’s premier lone worker solutions provider, we have already noted the surge in popularity in dedicated lone worker devices and apps. Especially in the private sector. But what is behind the increased demand?


What is Driving the Lone Worker Market?

Berg Insight have some suggestions as to what could be behind the rise in demand; listing the main market drivers as occupational safety regulations, increasing employee insurance costs and a higher awareness of the risks associated with lone working.

The report also suggests that lone working is becoming more common as businesses seek to cut costs and increase efficiency.

IoT analyst at Berg Insight, Martin Backman says:

“Traditionally, lone workers exposed to the highest social or environmental risks have been found in industries such as security and protective services, social care, field service maintenance and in heavy industries such as oil & gas and construction.”

Backman thinks that other industries have now become interested in lone workers solutions, adding: “There is now an increasing demand for lone worker safety services from employees in retail, financial services, education and more, which fuels market growth.”

That’s a thought we share as we have seen enormous growth the past few years in certain industries. Retail in particular is a growing market due to the increased risks that retail workers face. Education is another growing market due to the surge in violence in some schools.

Other markets that we have seen growth in are the utility industries and hospitality sector.

Does all of this mean the world is becoming a scarier place? In some cases, yes. There are unprecedented levels of violence in some sectors – the NHS being one. Late last year it was reported by the BBC, that new measures were being put in place to protect NHS staff and a that there would be zero tolerance for those who assault NHS staff.

image shows NHS staff who are a growing market for lone worker devices

It isn’t all bad news though – we believe that one of the biggest factors behind the growth in the market is an increased awareness of lone working and employers becoming more inclined to ensure not just the physical safety of staff, but overall wellbeing. Employee wellness schemes have surged in popularity over the last couple of years and you could almost look at lone worker solutions as coming under the same umbrella.


Will You Be Investing in a Lone worker Solution?

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