5 Reasons to Choose a Lone Worker Application

There are a lot of lone worker solutions out there on the market, different providers, devices and to add to the mix – lone worker applications. It can be confusing trying to choose what solution is best for your lone workers. Most solution first-time buyers often can’t decide between physical devices or smartphone applications but this can usually be decided by carrying out a lone worker risk assessment and finding out what type of lone workers you have.

Lone worker applications are a good solution for employees that only work alone occasionally or have a lower risk profile.

If lone worker apps are something you have been considering then read on for five reasons to choose a lone worker application.

5 Reasons to Choose a Lone Worker Application

  1. They provide good value for money

Having a smaller budget for protecting lone workers does not mean comprising their safety. Lone worker apps are often more cost economic than devices for a couple of reasons – mainly because there is no physical device. A perfect solution for smaller businesses or self-employed lone workers.

  1. Employees find them easy to use

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Lone workers will find apps easy to use and be able to quickly get their heads around them as most of your employees will already have a smartphone and be familiar with applications. Physical lone worker safety training won’t be required and employees will be able to pick up the app’s functions quickly.

Picture shows a person using the lone worker application from First2HelpYou

  1. Shorter implementation period

Of course, good planning is still required when rolling out lone worker apps but the time of the implementation period can be reduced by choosing an app. Ideal for busy lone workers or if there is a need for a lone worker solution to be deployed quickly.

  1. Lone workers may prefer them

Some people just prefer an app rather than a device. Most lone workers will already carry a smartphone so adding an app is more convenient than having to carry another separate device. Consult with your employees first to see which solution they would prefer.

  1. Employees can still call for help quickly

In the past, there were concerns that apps were not good enough to call for help in an emergency. The good news is most apps now pair up with a Bluetooth button that can be worn on the clothing in an easy to reach place – eliminating the need to get a phone out of your pocket in an emergency.

First2HelpYou Lone Worker Application

picture shows a mock up of the First2HelpYou lone worker safety application on an iPhone

Our smartphone app can be installed on both Android and IOS (Apple) phones. The Android application has the exact same functionality as our KIT Device and both applications provide a solution without having to carry around an extra gadget.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also a cost-effective solution. No lone worker should be at risk because of budget constraints.

Our lone worker application is exclusive to us –  developed in-house to our own exacting standards, that of our customers and lone worker regulations. Our dedicated software developers have created the ideal solution.

When installed on an Android device, our app is fully compliant with BS8484: 2016, the industry standard for lone worker safety products.

You can take a look at the full list of features here.

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