Can Working Alone Make You Depressed?

Countless studies show that those who work alone are at higher risk of feeling isolated from their employer and colleagues.

Anyone who has ever been a lone worker, freelanced, or regularly worked from home can identify with the feeling of isolation it brings. It can be easy to go from breakfast to dinner without speaking out loud to another soul, and this can be lonely.


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Working Alone – 5 Tips To Help You Cope

It’s well documented that working alone can cause stress and feelings of isolation, both of which can then impact on physical health. With the additional stress of facing potentially risky situations, there’s no wonder that many lone workers aren’t very satisfied with their jobs or may leave for other professions.


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Lone Working in Health and Social Care

Lone working in the heath and social care sector is high risk, perhaps more so than any other sector.

The breadth of roles, environments, service users, and staff make predicting and controlling the risks very difficult, and adding working alone into the mix only makes it more dangerous.

So it is absolutely vital that health and safety managers have given careful consideration to the risk assessments, and have a robust lone worker policy in place.

In this blog we will discuss the main hazards faced by lone workers in the health and social care sector and give some tips for reducing the risk.


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Buyers Guide: Lone Worker Apps Vs Devices

If you are considering buying a lone worker solution, you will have come across a wide range of lone worker apps and devices – it can feel a little bit confusing deciding which solution is the best option for your lone workers.

This post explains some of the key differences between lone worker apps and devices, and what preparation and research you can do before committing to a solution.


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The Best Type of Lone Worker Alarms

Welcome to First2HelpYou and our blog. We are a new business to enter the lone worker alarms market and we are delighted to just this week, bring our innovative products and service offering to the table. We might be the new kids on the block, but with a few industry experienced brains working away in the background we naturally decided to establish a blog and a knowledge bank, where we can talk about all things lone workerish.


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