How Do You Keep A Lone Worker Safe?

Keeping a lone worker safe is part of your legal obligations towards your staff. To keep your lone workers safe, you should have strong lone worker policies, a robust risk assessment, regular lone worker training and make sure your staff are all included in the team. A lone worker solution would help, too.

What Is The Law On Lone Working?

Lone working is not illegal, but your legal obligations as an employer do mean you have to consider the risk of lone working itself.

It’s not that you have to specifically cater for your lone worker because they are lone working, but rather that lone working presents specific hazards that should be addressed and mitigated.  

So, if you are wondering how to keep a lone worker safe, read on.


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Making the Most of Your Lone Worker Device

Safety and personal responsibility go hand in hand. True, a company director has overall responsibility for health and safety but each person in an organisation has a duty to protect themselves. Given the right tools and education, this is easy to do. If you already own a First2HelpYou lone worker device or your employees use them, we have listed some ways below that you can help you maximise the use you get from your device.


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Lone Worker Alarms and High Profile Public Figures

It’s now over two years since the Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered. She was simply going about her daily business serving her constituents in Birstall, West Yorkshire, when the perpetrator, Thomas Mair attacked her in the street; he shot Jo then stabbed her twice, she died at the scene.


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The Best Type of Lone Worker Alarms

Welcome to First2HelpYou and our blog. We are a new business to enter the lone worker alarms market and we are delighted to just this week, bring our innovative products and service offering to the table. We might be the new kids on the block, but with a few industry experienced brains working away in the background we naturally decided to establish a blog and a knowledge bank, where we can talk about all things lone workerish.


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